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educogym City - the science behind the system

why is it that we are getting fatter and more out of shape than ever?
Despite more people exercising and going on diets.
do you ever wonder why health problems are on the increase?
Despite billions being spent on health care.
are we getting older - faster, before our time?
Wouldn't it be great to have a time machine to slow this process down or even reverse this ageing process? To experience rejuvenation, your ideal shape, fat loss, muscle gain, strength, energy and fitness? To look and feel your all time best?
why do we age?
As we age, we lose 30% of our muscle. Indeed, after the age of 30 we lose muscle at the rate of about half a pound a year. But not only do we lose the muscle from the body, but we’re actually losing it from our vital organs! This means that as we age, our heart, our liver, our kidneys and even our brain are wasting away. And this can lead to cardiovascular problems, poorly functioning organs and reduced hormone secretion.
why we’re getting fatter?
Not only can the loss of muscle lead to these problems, but it also reduces your metabolism (the rate you burn food for energy) by up to 45%. You will see this clearly on a cold day, as your breath comes out as steam, just like a steam train as you burn calories for energy.
Research shows that a pound of muscle burns approximately 50 to 100 calories per day. So even if your food intake stays the same, it becomes easier to gain unsightly fat where you once had youthful, toned muscle.
so what do we normally do?
With great willpower and hard work, we may do hours of aerobics and go on a low calorie starvation diet. But what does the research show? Most of the weight loss is muscle tissue which slows down your metabolism even more.
the final result- even more fat
Sooner or later you will run out of willpower and the whole thing just becomes too much. So you stop all the aerobics and just eat normally. Then, not only do you regain all that lost fat but even more besides. Quite simply this happens because of the muscle loss which causes a slower metabolism (remember muscle burns food and body fat for energy). At this point the person panics and repeats the whole sorry process. And of course every time they do, the result is greater fat gain.
The scientific solution
What if I was to tell you that there is a fast, scientific, easy way to solve all these problems? Right now there is already a university research study that can dramatically transform your shape- on average losing 7.5lbs of fat and more importantly, regaining 3lbs of muscle tissue in 12 days- only exercising 15 minutes a day.
educo mind technology
A vital factor in the results achieved by the university study was the role of the mind. It was found that when a person had a clear mental blueprint in their mind of their ideal figure/physique they trained with a greater intensity and therefore gained more muscle. At educogym you will be trained in this unique mental approach to producing superior results - this will allow you to exercise at a new level of intensity. You will literally get a mental workout as well as a physical one. This increase in mental capacity will benefit many areas of your life.
the proof
Can you imagine how you will feel when you suck all that fat out of your waist, body and even out of your arteries? The sense of achievement you will feel when you turn back the muscle clock and have the new you looking back at you in your mirror. 12 days passes very quickly. You can be just as you are now or be the new you looking forward to an even more promising future.
educo is a Latin word which means to draw out from within. The educogym program enables the person to draw out their ideal figure/physique from within. In addition the program provides cutting-edge information on natural low-glycemic nutrition and hi-tech food based supplements, which you will use to sculpt your new body. Contact educogym City today to book in your consultation to get the shape, health and fitness you truly deserve.


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