about educogym City. London EC2's top rated City gym.
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about educogym City. London EC2's top rated City gym.

The educogym atmosphere is like nothing you've experienced before. The focused approach and invigorating exercise produces a world class environment for success. The highly trained, certified staff has been taught how to create the most conducive atmosphere that is both exciting and result orientated.
The 15 Minutes Workout
Educogym is based on a university research study where the participants were dramatically transformed. On average losing 7.5lbs of fat and more importantly, regaining 3lbs of muscle tissue in 12 days- only exercising 15 minutes a day.
No time to train?
Great news, latest research shows that less is more. Duration is not the key; Intensity is!!! If you can train at 80% of your maximum intensity, a short, sharp and efficient workout has more benefits compared to a long low intensity workout. Book a consultation to find out more.


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  • Weight Loss
  • Body Toning
  • Improve Fitness
  • Build Energy
  • Mental Focus
  • Learn Ideal Nutrition Habits


All our trainers at our educogym London City EC2 gym are supportive, friendly and as determined as you are to help you achieve your goals

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