Mindset – Be Like a Child!
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Mindset – Be Like a Child!

Mindset – Be Like a Child!


Transformation is a belief system, first and foremost. Often this is the most overlooked aspect when the discussion arises about the best way to achieve your desired body shape. The reality is, when it comes to fitness and nutrition, your mental attitude is actually what determines whether you will succeed in getting the transformation you want.

How do I know this? I see and work with this everyday and, most importantly, I have experienced this myself. As an athlete personal trainer, I was at my worst point when I was 17% body fat and weighed 100kg. I had no real clear end outcome of what I wanted to achieve. I just knew I wanted to look good. My motivations were not clear to me, which did not allow me accomplish the transformation I was looking for.

However soon everything changed…

I found the missing part to the jigsaw. I discovered that it is crucial to understand the full extent of what you want to achieve and create a clear vision of the end outcome in your mind. With this in place, it is important to work from it and not towards it. Work smarter not harder.  

Understand that this is the vital factor: work FROM it rather than TOWARDS it. This causes an individual to take very different actions. Albert Einstein explains the definition of insanity is "Doing something over and over again and expecting a different result". If you continue to do the same steps and expect a different result, you are truly working twice as hard for any results at all. I knew all about hard work and frankly it was getting tedious. It was so much effort. When I applied the mind technology, it allowed me to work smarter. It delivered greater results in record time and most importantly it became EFFORTLESS.

When I use the word effortless, it does not mean that you will not be doing anything. In fact, to those looking at your life from the outside, it will seem like you are working harder. However, as the goal is clear in your mind, it now becomes automatic. You do what you have to do to achieve it and you will do anything it takes to do so. This is no longer force; it becomes a part of you.

It is similar to how you learn to walk. As a child you observe, you stay patient and you pay attention to those around you walking. In your mind you have told yourself that this is the next step in life. You try once, you fail. You continue to watch. You try twice, you fail, you try for a third time you fail... and so forth. At no point in time as a child do you say "ah, this is too hard maybe it’s not possible for me"! You continue to go for it. After multiple tries, and with encouragement from your parents, eventually you figure the steps out and walking becomes the norm for you. Now you have practiced this so much you do not consciously think about it. So why is it as an adult we analyse and give up hope and prevent ourselves from walking in every area of life, be that relationships, finance, health etc?

In other words, remember who you are and what you are capable of. Be a child forever. You are this unlimited being; the only limitations are those you place upon yourself. It is all in your mindset.

The word say it all : Set your mind.
What will you allow yourself to have?
Where will you walk to next?

Orlstyne Wilson – Senior Trainer

Educogym Superhero


Posted: 21/12/2016 at 21/12/2016 10:46:20


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