Michelle Keegan's bikini body in 12 days
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Michelle Keegan's bikini body in 12 days

Michelle Keegan's bikini body in 12 days

Journalist Lynne Hyland of The Sunday Mirror set educogym a challenge. Can you get Michelle Keegan's bikini body in 12 days with just 15 minutes of exercise a day? 

We were only too happy to prove what we can do.

Here's Lynne's story - you can also read the full article here

"This summer, "Are You Beach Body Ready?” has become the most controversial sentence in the English language. To my mind though, the response to it is simple: "Er, no”.

Okay, I'm not overweight but disguised beneath figure-flattering dresses, there's a creeping ring of flab around the middle. Not pretty, and also not healthy: it's the stuff that's linked to heart disease and diabetes.

Problem is, as a mum of two with a hectic working week and zero 'me time' at weekends, I've told myself I don't have time to shift it. Usually shortly before diving into the office biscuit jar because, well, who has time for a proper lunch break anyway?

But what if it was possible to shift 7lb of fat in 12 days, doing just 15 minutes of exercise? That's the startling claim behind educogym, a hardcore diet and exercise programme.

Its fans include Robbie Williams who installed one of its gigantic ‘Time Machine’ weights towers in his garage to shape up for his latest tour (and we have to say he's looking pretty good on it). But what could the programme do for an ordinary person with a long-lapsed gym membership?

Lesson one: Slimming is a case of mind over matter

I meet with body coach Jagir Singh, who runs educogym's Canary Wharf branch where I'll be trialling the programme. He explains that getting super-quick results has to involve the mind as much as the body.

"The Educogym concept is based on a university study which split dieters into two groups," he says. "They followed the same 12 day exercise and diet programme but one group also visualised their dream body. That group lost twice as much fat as the other group, and gained more lean muscle too."

Before I can get started he tells me I need a clear mental picture of the body I want to achieve. 'Next you need to imprint it into your brain so working towards it becomes effortless,” he says. I tell him I want to look like Michelle Keegan. Great, he says. But, like a dieting Jedi, I must not merely THINK it. I have to feel, see, hear and - heck - even taste it too.

Fifteen minutes of exercise doesn't sound long but I quickly learn it can feel like an eternity. It. Is. TOUGH. The good news is, there's no slogging on a treadmill (that just strips muscle, apparently). Bad news is, cardio is replaced by the most brutal weights sessions known to womankind.

I'd always assumed idly lifting a baked bean can was a perfectly adequate resistance workout. Wrong. Educogym days rotate between legs, arms and back/chest days, and most of the exercises must be done with weights so heavy you can only manage six reps at a time. (And if you're not gasping by rep four... well you're not listening closely enough to your Michelle Keegan tape.)

When my trainer Sara loads up the machine for my first bench press, I try to push the weights up and assume she’s having a laugh. She isn’t. "You can do this,” she insists. I’m convinced I can’t. But by god, she’s right.

My verdict

Lynne lost 7lb of fat and 2.5in off the waist

Was it nice? Well, not exactly. Was it worth it? Oh my goodness YES.

At the end of my 12 day programme I’d shifted 7lb of fat and I’d lost a whopping 2.5 inches around the waist. I was absolutely shocked by how quickly and drastically my shape changed. Not only have I lost weight, I feel fitter and stronger, my cellulite is reduced, my bum has lifted and everything just feels smoother, firmer and tighter.


There are limits of course. I’ve had two kids and my skin elasticity is never going to be the same again (my belly will always be a bit crinkly and crepey when I lean over). However I feel much, MUCH happier about my stomach. I have even stopped googling tummy tucks.

Read the full article here

Posted: 17/06/2015 at 17/06/2015 13:43:00


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