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Read Christine's Story
Added: 12.05.2015   |  Tags:  testimonials  results  nutrition  press  health and beauty  exercise
Over time I had gained weight and as with many people gaining weight as one gets older is hard to lose. Nothing I came across was sustainable. Nothing, that was until I found educogym.
Strong and Smiling in Six Weeks
Added: 16.04.2015   |  Tags:  testimonials  results  press  health and beauty  exercise
Six weeks ago Caroline Foran was not only disinterested in exercise, she was also afraid of it.
Are you planning to fail this year?
Added: 26.11.2014   |  Tags:  health and beauty  exercise
The old adage really is true; “If you’re failing to plan, then you’re planning to fail!” Have you given any thought yet to your goals for this year?
Ladies Banish Cellulite
Added: 26.11.2014   |  Tags:  health and beauty
Cellulite! The very word can make some women cringe! No woman wants it, most would love to banish it forever, but in truth, most have cellulite on some area of their body; even skinny models
I hate going to the gym
Added: 26.11.2013   |  Tags:  health and beauty  exercise
A lot of people find it daunting that in order to get into shape, increase fitness levels and just lead a healthier lifestyle they have to go to the gym.
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