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Added: 25.11.2014   |  Tags:  press
This system like no other: you go three or four times a week for a 15min workout session. Yes, just a mere 15mins.
Cosmopolitan - Diet Review: what is it?
Added: 25.11.2014   |  Tags:  press
EDUCOGYM is a specialist workout gym where you can do programmes combining daily weight training with a very specific diet to get big results in under a month
Evening Standard - Slim Fast Plan
Added: 11.11.2014   |  Tags:  press
How did the newly svelte Nigella do it? The old high-fat low carb, suspects Leah Hardy of the Evening Standard
Asian Bride - The amazing 15 minute bridal body workou
Added: 11.11.2014   |  Tags:  press
Put in just quarter of an hour into training each day, promises Jagir singh from Educogym an you will have the figure of your dreams
Asian Bride - Because you want a body like this
Added: 11.11.2014   |  Tags:  press
Just because you don's have the time, temerity or trainer, it doesn't mean you can't sculpt yourself your dream figure.
The Lady - Could 10 days really change my life?
Added: 11.11.2014   |  Tags:  press
As millions of s make (and break) our New Year's resolutions, a slightly sceptical Rosy Millard tries the latest must do diet
Grazia - Health and Beauty
Added: 10.11.2014   |  Tags:  press
Everyone from Cameron Diaz to my colleagues are working out except me, and for the first time in my life I actually want to get fit and not just diet off a few pounds
EasyLiving - Spotlight on Educogym
Added: 10.11.2014   |  Tags:  press
When w heard about an exercise regime which promises to transform your body in just 12 session lasting a maximum ob 20 minutes each, we were pretty sceptical.
Bazaar - The weight-and-shape overhaul
Added: 10.11.2014   |  Tags:  press
This fast and furious body blitz shows results in weight shap and tone in just 12 days.
Men's Fitness - The 15-minute body
Added: 07.11.2014   |  Tags:  press
A new training technique promises to get you ripped in just three 15-minute sessions a week. MF reveals the secrets behind the Educogym workout method
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