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educogym Introductory Video
Added: 13.05.2016   |  Tags:  testimonials  results  six pack  nutrition  press  health and beauty  exercise
Find out why educogym is different from any other gym and how we can help you to Transform your Mind, Transform your Body, Transform your Life.
Michelle Keegan's bikini body in 12 days
Added: 17.06.2015   |  Tags:  testimonials  results  nutrition  press  health and beauty  exercise
Can you get Michelle Keegan's bikini body in 12 days with just 15 minutes of exercise a day? That's the challenge The Sunday Mirror set educogym - see how we did by reading their article.
Read Christine's Story
Added: 12.05.2015   |  Tags:  testimonials  results  nutrition  press  health and beauty  exercise
Over time I had gained weight and as with many people gaining weight as one gets older is hard to lose. Nothing I came across was sustainable. Nothing, that was until I found educogym.
Strong and Smiling in Six Weeks
Added: 16.04.2015   |  Tags:  testimonials  results  press  health and beauty  exercise
Six weeks ago Caroline Foran was not only disinterested in exercise, she was also afraid of it.
How did Suki lose 16lbs of body fat?
Added: 17.02.2015   |  Tags:  testimonials  results  six pack  nutrition  press
Read how Suki Kaur signed up to educogym for a 4 month contract to lose 20lbs and get the six pack she'd always wanted.
The Wharf newspaper, Canary Wharf Feb 2015
Added: 17.02.2015   |  Tags:  press
Read the feature on educogym in Canary Wharf's The Wharf magazine this month
Robbie Williams training with educogym
Added: 11.02.2015   |  Tags:  testimonials  results  six pack  press  exercise
Watch Robbie Williams training with educogym for his 2015 tour! Yes, THAT Robbie Williams!
The Hot New Word in Fitness is Educogym.
Added: 25.11.2014   |  Tags:  press
Their 12-day programme is designed to make you lose body fat, increase muscle mass, speed up fat-burning metabolism and make you feel great.
The body bootcamp for those who don't believe in bootcamps
Added: 25.11.2014   |  Tags:  press
It is, rumour has it, summer. And with summer comes summer holidays and the concomitant pre-summer holiday work-load. I'm talking about the half stone weight shedding
Educogym Review
Added: 25.11.2014   |  Tags:  press
if you’re keen to get in shape by combining a healthy diet plan, the knowledge and expertise of a personal trainer and effective workout routines, Educogym might just be the answer
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