Alberto Gardin case study
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Alberto Gardin case study

Alberto Gardin case study


 My journey began when I decided I wanted to build up my muscles.

I have always been the skinny guy, that kind of "2D" guy and I was fed up with this.

I wanted to feel more confident, but more than anything I wanted to see real results as this has been a challenge for years.

I have always been quite active ever since I was a kid - playing football, swimming and going to the the gym as well, but I never managed to increase my muscle mass no matter how much I was eating - and there were times were I was eating A LOT!

I then discovered educogym and everything, literally EVERYTHING changed.

I was fascinated by the idea of a 15 minute workout and having seen the exceptional case studies and testimonials, I had to try it for myself.

The unique educogym approach is completely different from anything else I've seen or tried.

The concept that for me was completely new was the idea of using more of my mind to get in shape.

So, as I was trained, I built my "blueprint" and every day I reinforce it through the mental exercises I was taught.

The level of intensity was something that I didn't think was possible. My energy increased so much that I cut my sleeping hours down and at work I became much more productive. My shape started to change very rapidly and I began to feel like a "3D" guy, heavier and fuller.

In 6 weeks I put on 18lbs of muscle - I was genuinely shocked, but delighted! My brother, friends and family didn't recognise me at first and I explained to them what I was doing differently with educogym.

But I wanted to take this even further.

I decided to book myself into a Fitness Contest to answer one fundamental

question: Could I be consistent? That for me was the challenge.

Following the ideal journey of an educogym client as advised, I next attended the 12 day Educo seminar where I really learnt how to use my mind.

The seminar is literally a "mind revolution" and once I came back I felt I had all the tools in place to succeed.

I practiced my mental exercises exactly like any other physical exercise and for 3 months nobody could stop me; training 5-6 days a week and following the nutrition advice religiously. The impressive thing is that I wasn't forcing myself to do all this - I actually enjoyed it.

By 25th October I had gone from 12% body fat down to 6% body fat, with a

29.5 inch waist. I completed my first Fitness Contest in front of 1000 people!

Now I still train every day and I have already reset my goal for next year; if it wasn't for the mental exercises and the 12 day seminar, I would probably still be stuck in my old thin, skinny body and I wouldn't have learnt how to be consistent, which is the key for any success!




Posted: 24/11/2015 at 24/11/2015 14:58:00


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